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Our highly skilled, multi-talented Tech Ninja is a perfect fit for clients who want to work directly with a business analyst/technical lead to layout plans, draw roadmaps for the design and implementation of your product and lead the internal or external team to implement the pro.......  Read More

12th October, 2019

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Our custom solutions and service that are readily available for use/deployment for your business. These solutions are widely tested and used by our clients so your business can onboard the solution/service without delay .......  Read More

12th October, 2019

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We design and implement cloud-first, mobile and web applications that can reach millions of users across different platforms and countries. We automate the deployment and application scaling to reduce the maintenance cost and increase uptime........  Read More

12th October, 2019

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We offer wide range of software services and outsourcing models catering to the needs of our Global clients. Nextec Services has the state of the art software development center equipped with highly skilled and experienced team to cater to the needs of its global customers. With .......  Read More

12th October, 2019

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One of the most important aspects of building any successful application with quality, maintainable, secure code is the experience of the programmers in building similar applications. Social Networking Applications, Ecommerce Applications, Educational MIS Application, Health Care.......  Read More

16th September, 2019

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We plan, design and implement secure scalable applications and deliver highly customized products that improve your business value. With our rapid application development lifecycle and agile model, we reduce the time to market and adopt ever-changing market requirements. We have .......  Read More

2nd September, 2019

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Our online assessment platform can be tailored and configured to fit your business requirements. Our management panel has several features to prepare various types of assessments. These tests can be delivered through a mobile application or web portal including web-lock session. .......  Read More

2nd September, 2019

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Building compelling mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Our mobile-first approach ranks us among the top mobile app development companies in India, as we deliver complete mobility solutions that meet the needs of business, industry, and end-users. our mobile app developers have g.......  Read More

2nd September, 2019

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Nextec Services is one of the major software and Web development company which is located in Delhi, Banglore, Dubai, Washington DC. Nextec Services Certified Company & Also run IBSW. This company is well acclaimed for providing quality software solutions to a variety of clien.......  Read More

2nd September, 2019

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Mobile app development is the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. ... Mobile UI considers constraints, contexts, screen, input, and mobility as outlines for desi.......  Read More

29th August, 2019

Nextec Services, Software Company In India, best Software Company In India, Software Company In Delhi, Software Company In Bangalore, Software Company In Dubai, Software Company In Mumbai, best Software Company

Your outsourcing partner for Software Development and Services Nextec Services has the state of the art software development center equipped with a highly skilled and experienced team to cater to the needs of its global customers. With flexible outsourcing model, our customers e.......  Read More

29th August, 2019

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Connecting Educational Partners Globally

Nextec Services has established strong,long-term relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious educational brands to offer educational institutions of all sizes and at all levels around the globe world-class partnering services. Come explore our outstanding global partnering services here!

Software Services

Nextec Services helps businesses worldwide succeed by carefully understanding their business processes, needs and desires, before creating and seamlessly implementing innovative software services and solutions for them. Discover more about our tailored and cost-effective software solutions here.
Franchising Degree Programs
Campus Internationalization
Software Development
Cloud Solutions

Our Educational Services

Software Services

Software Development

Nextec Services operates a state-of-the-art software development center staffed by a highly-skilled and experienced team focused on fully meeting the IT needs of its global customers.
We provide :
  • Application Development Services
  • Application Modernization & Migration
  • Web/Mobile/Cloud Solutions
  • Application Maintenance


Organizations that outsource their software development projects and other project management needs through Nextec Services can substantially reduce their costs and time to market. We consequently provide clients with various outsourcing models to choose from and the dedicated, tech-savvy and experienced teams to carry out those models. Our goal in doing so is to enable our clients to select and implement the outsourcing model which best fits their business type and organizational processes.
Our Outsourcing Models:
  • New Software Project Strategic Planning & Design
  • New Software Project Development & Implementation
  • On-going Software Project Management Services
  • On-going Software Project Technical Support Services

Custom Solutions

We deliver a wide range of customized software solutions across different business verticals that include: application customization and integration services, adding new features to existing products, as well as integrating those existing products with other 3 rd party services.
Our Custom Solutions:
  • e-Learning & e-commerce solutions
  • Online assessment solutions
  • IoT & Utility billing solutions
  • CRM Systems
  • Real estate portal & Hospital management solutions

Technology Solutions

Nextec Services’ experts deeply understand global business processes and are skilled and experienced at identifying and integrating the best technology solutions for optimal performance. By constantly updating our technological knowledge and skills, we are able to provide our clients with the cutting-edge solutions they require for sustained success
Our Technology Solutions:
  • Cloud solutions
  • Mobile apps
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Global delivery of services

Turn-key Franchise Package

Nextec Services’ standardized franchising process and program operation/delivery in 3 steps


  • Certificates of accreditation and recognition
  • School and program marketing materials
  • Best practice delivery and on-boarding process
  • Assistance for students and teacher & faculty recruitment
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  • Syllabi and course content with continuous update process
  • Exams/tests
  • Integrated Learning
  • Management System
  • Credits Management
  • Access to international professors’ pool
  • Online education platform
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  • Online library
  • Online research database
  • Anti-plagiarism software
  • International graduation ceremony
  • Integration and access to alumni database
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Franchise Opportunities

Following its creation, Nextec Services has established strong, long-term relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious educational brands. As a result of those partnerships, we now deliver to the world a standardized, turn-key franchising solution for internationally accredited and recognized degrees, certificates and diplomas
We specialize in providing educational franchising opportunities to schools in developing countries in order to ultimately give students from those nations affordable and sustained access to Western educational program offerings. Instead of forcing students from the developing world to travel abroad to Western countries or requiring schools in Western nations to invest heavily in new campuses within developing nations, Nextec Services brings high-quality Western educational programming to the developing world – benefitting many schools and students in the process.

Detailed process

  • Establishes the connection between the franchisor and the franchisee, organizes visits and meetings, manages the initial introduction, conducts market studies and creates business plans.
  • Provides access to international campuses, study abroad students, and a pool of world-class professors and lecturers.
  • Delivers and updates all necessary contents for the franchisee, produces all contracts, and supervises negotiations.
  • Manages all information flows between both partners including details related to: exams, grades, databases, and graduation ceremonies.
  • Sets up the online delivery of the franchisor’s courses to the franchisee’s institution.
  • Audits the franchisee once a year for quality control and compliance.
  • Designs new programs and specific concentrations to match local market needs.
  • Manages study abroad students from all participating franchises.
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Available Options

  • Choose from 16 possible destinations for study abroad students
  • Select Free Mover Program if desired
  • Select Internships abroad if desired
  • Choose from single or dual degrees
  • Select degree concentration(s)
  • Select additional certificates to offer if desired
  • Pricing based on local production costs OR
  • Pricing based on local price sensitivity
  • On-campus delivery OR
  • Online delivery OR
  • Blended delivery
  • Full-time schedule OR
  • Part-time schedule