Campus Internationalization

Campus Internationalization

Campus Internationalization Services & Processes

To achieve Campus Internationalization, Nextec Services first connects a Western Educational Provider (WEP) interested in sharing its programs/courses with a Non-Western, Local Educational Provider (LEP) desiring to offer such westernized courses at their local location.
Once the partnership is formed through the signing of a: Campus Internationalization Agreement, the WEP provides the LEP with one or more selected programs/courses and delivers them in-person at the LEP’s campus(es). Simultaneously, the LEP runs all local operations and logistics for the selected courses, including recruiting and validating local students for the WEP’s programs/courses as well as providing for the local students’ graduation ceremonies.

All Our Campus Internationalization-related Services

Our campus internationalization services to WEP & LEP include the following:

  • Searching for suitable WEP & LEP partners to bring together
  • Contract/document creation, revision & implementation
  • End-to-end management & control of:
    • Document/Multimedia Translations
    • Program/Course Marketing Processes
    • Student Recruitment Processes (& recruiting suitable instructional faculty as necessary)
  • Conducting audits & Quality Control (QC) reviews
  • Functioning as the Liaison between various authorities & the two schools in a given partnership