Franchising Degree Programs

Franchising Degree Programs

Turn-key Franchise Package

Nextec Services’ standardized franchising process and program operation/delivery in 3 steps:


  • Certificates of accreditation and recognition.
  • School and program marketing material.
  • Best practices delivery and on boarding process.
  • Assistance for students and teachers /lecturer recruitment.
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  • Syllabi and course content with continuous update process.
  • Exams/tests.
  • Integrated Learning.
  • Management System.
  • Credits Management.
  • Access to international professors pool.
  • Online education platform.
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  • Online library.
  • Online research database.
  • Anti-plagiarism software.
  • International graduation ceremony.
  • Integration and access to alumni database.

Franchising Degree Program Services

Once Nextec Services pairs appropriately compatible schools (one LEP and one WEP), it facilitates the payment of all fees and royalties from the LEP to the WEP, followed by the transfer of degree program information from the WEP to the LEP. Nextec Services then assists the LEP in producing and delivering the new westernized program at their local location. Yearly audits of the LEP by Nextec Services ensures quality control and continued program accreditation.

Franchising Related Services

Nextec Services provides the following types of franchise related services to both WEP and LEP:

  • Drafting and finalization of all contracts and other specifications
  • Systematically structured exchange of educational content from the WEP to the LEP
  • End-to-end:
    • Academic, Financial and Quality Control (AFQ)
    • Fees and royalties collection and disbursement from the LEP to the WEP
    • Information flow management between the LEP, WEP and all external parties
    • Degree program marketing and external communications

Our Partners

Education Groups & Independant Schools

All programs selected by Nextec for franchising are accredited by governments or international accrediting bodies and are recognized worldwide.

School Pack
Course Box

The franchising entry cost of $40k includes all available programs from a selected western school. This Fee is paid by Franchise to Nextec Services.


30% of net tuition fee is paid by the Franchisee to the selected Western School.


A yearly audit of the Franchisee’s educational operation guarantees

  • Continued degree of the Franchise Degrees.
  • The Value of the Franchised degrees
  • Seamless Franchise processes

The USD $1k per audit + travel expenses are paid by the Franchise to Nextec.


Franchising WEP Degree Programs has High ROI Potential for LEPs

Select School & Program
  • Choose the school that will become the franchisor
  • Select the program(s) at the school
Select Partner’s Campuses
  • Choose up to 16 possible destinations for study abroad students
  • Free Mover Program
  • Study Abroad Intenships
Customize Degree program(s)
  • Choose single or double degree programs
  • Choose degree concentrations
  • Choose additional certificates
Determine Local Pricing
  • Based on local Production costs
  • Free Mover Program
  • Study Abroad Intenships
Organize Program Schedule
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
Choose Program Delivery
  • On Campus
  • Online
  • Blended