online assessment system

Online Assessment Platform

Assessments is now just one click away. We have a highly scalable and well tested platform for your on-demand assessment requirements.

Online Assessment platform

Our online assessment platform can be tailored and configured to fit your business requirements. Our management panel has several features to prepare various types of assessments. These tests can be delivered through a mobile application or web portal including web-lock session.

Online Assessment Platform

Online assessment platforms for institutes, colleges, companies, and universities
  • Customization based on business requirements
  • e-Commerce integration
  • Monitoring and reports
  • Highly scalable system






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Why Nextec

Skilled teams
Highly skilled technical teams

Time Management
Optimum time to market

We guarantee innovation in the application

Security is our top most priority

Project Management
Best practices in project management

Quality check at every stage of development

Cost Control
Optimum project and time management to reduce project costs

Team management
Well-managed HR policies for the best results

We focus on long-term partnership with our clients

Choose the model that best suites you

Dedicated Team
We offer dedicated development teams for a wide range of domain verticals that serve a varity of businesses from start-up, to mid or large scales. If you’re looking for a dedicated pool of tech talent and want to grow beyond your local capabilities, then our dedicated software development team is the last stop you should make to fulfill your business needs.
Fixed Cost
We document and propose the perfect implementation plan and project, based on the business requirements and deliverables. Our teams will update you on your projects progress and provide demos of the completed features, at the end of the project. We can accept change requests out side of the proposed fixed budget.
Extended Team
Grow beyond your local office by adding our tech talent team to your project. We provide on-demand resources that can quickly increase your team size to cater your business needs. Our trained teams can quickly adapt to your work culture and company policies.