Program & Course Design

Program & Course Design

Through its Western Educational Partner (WEP) global network, Nextec Services provides top-notch, specialized and context-tailored programs as well as course design services to Local Education Providers (LEP). Our many services include:

  • Storyboarding
  • Multimedia program/course content production and translation
  • Program/course local market studies
  • Program/course benchmarking, etc.

Program & Course Design Services & Process

Nextec Services capably provides schools worldwide with outstanding design services for instructional programs and courses through its network of Western Educational Providers (WEP).

Our highly skilled and experienced educators and curriculum developers possess subject matter expertise. This expertise is utilized to create and implement state-of-the-art, high-quality new programs and courses, as well as to comprehensively update and maintain existing programs or courses.

Program and Course Design Related Services

More specifically, our entire line of program and course design services includes:

  • Integration of existing instructional programs or courses together
  • Production of new program or course content
  • Production of video content for new programs or courses (e.g. Shooting, Editing,
  • Integration of innovative teaching tools into new or existing programs or courses
  • Recruitment of specialized teaching staff to teach certain types of programs or courses
  • Production and delivery of teacher training programs or courses at introductory through
    teacher levels